Zen Desert Sangha

zen desert sangha 1is an affiliate of The Diamond Sangha, an independent Zen lineage in the Harada-Yasutani tradition: a blending of the Rinzai and Soto schools of Zen. We trace our lineage back to Hakuin Ekaku, the 18th century reformer of the Rinzai sect, and Dogen Kigen, the 13th century founder of the Soto sect in Japan. Our practice combines elements of both Soto and Rinzai Zen traditions.

Shakyamuni Buddha’s thoughts on a righteous society inform our Sangha tradition.  Robert Aitken and his successors in the Diamond Sangha tradition guide and teach us. We strive for the development of our personal practice by emphasizing zazen and maintaining our zendo. Our service is to provide a place for people to learn about and practice Zen. Everyone is welcome.