Helping Parents Heal

helping parents healA safe place for bereaved parents, family, and friends.

Through personal experience, the leaders of Helping Parents Heal have come to recognize several factors that contribute to the healing process. These elements include caring support from others, interaction with people who have also experienced loss, service to others, personal transformation and, perhaps most importantly, discovering a reason for hope. In particular, we are referring to hope that comes from acknowledging our spiritual nature and understanding that our loved ones continue on in spiritual form after physical death.

Evidence for this truth has been revealed to us in various ways: documented clinical and scientific evidence, undeniable signs, amazing synchronicities, specific and detailed messages relayed by psychic-mediums, and even direct contact with our deceased children. Some spiritual practices exercised by many Helping Parents Heal leaders include meditation, prayer, yoga, and service to others. We are an all-embracing and non-religious organization that respects the various ways people choose to express their own spirituality.

Helping Parents Heal provides support for:

  • parents, grandparents, siblings, and other close relatives and friends of a child who has died by any means: accident, illness, homicide, or suicide
  • loved ones of a departed child of any age since, for example, an eighty-year-old mother may grieve deeply when her sixty-year-old daughter passes on
  • people of any or no religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, gender, socio-economic status, or other relatively trivial factors