Compassionate City Resolution

City of Tucson Compassion City Resolution

WHEREAS, compassion is a unifying value and ideal that guides and compels people of all backgrounds, perspectives, creeds, and cultures to treat all living beings with equity, civility,

WHEREAS, we acknowledge our responsibility to make compassion a clear and empowering force for children, families, neighborhoods, and communities; and

WHEREAS, compassionate actions and policies produce positive benefits in all sectors of civic and community life, including safety, education, religion, public health, business, politics, and

WHEREAS, Tucson residents are a diverse spectrum of racial, ethnic, cultural, social, and religious groups of all ages who demonstrate compassion in their homes, schools, businesses, community organizations, and border areas; and

WHEREAS, Tucson’s compassion and resilience was never more powerfully expressed than in the tragedy caused by the shootings of 19 of its citizens on January 8, 2011; and

WHEREAS, there are still many instances where individuals and groups fail to live compassionately and with civility thus reaffirming our commitment to broadening compassion in

WHEREAS, Tucson and Arizona have previously demonstrated their commitments to compassion through the 2011 Tucson Mayor’s Accord for Civility adopted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the Arizona congressional delegation, and through the 2003 resolution of Arizona as a Golden Rule State by the Arizona legislature; and

WHEREAS, the International Campaign for Compassionate Communities Initiative is a global network of 258 cities, including Washington, D.C., that challenges its partners to make the ethic of reciprocity (i.e., Golden Rule) the central moral principle in all sectors of public life including government, education, religion, business, law enforcement, healthcare and nonprofit

WHEREAS, joining the Compassionate Communities Initiative deepens the quality and commitment of Tucson in affirming and stimulating compassion in community services,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Tucson City Council and Mayor hereby affirm the Charter for Compassion and authorize Tucson to be registered with the International Campaign for Compassionate Communities Initiative in which citizens, government, and institutions work together to embrace and apply compassionate solutions and encourage community service to meet the needs of families, friends, communities, and neighbors.

4 thoughts on “Compassionate City Resolution”

  1. Tucson seems to be moving in a good direction being a Compassionate City. Perhaps those compassionate people are able to help others see that all ethnic groups, cultures need to be understood in all communities like education.

  2. How can each of us live it more and share within our compassionate community to embrace compassion, understanding and respect more for all?

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